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Our Company Values

Respect   For each other, our customers, and the environment.

Honesty   With each other, our customers, and ourselves.

Teamwork   We work with each other, our customers, and our competition for the ultimate good of the customer.

Excellence   We continuously educate ourselves on all aspects of our business at every opportunity, and pursue and attain all applicable licenses and certifications.

Safety   We embrace all industry codes and standards.  Everything we do is in as safe a manner as   possible and we will never leave your home or business in an unsafe state.

Integrity   We practice the highest ethical standards and honor our commitments.  We take personal responsibility for our actions and treat everyone fairly.

Dedication   We fix what others won’t even look at; everything is possible, some solutions just take more time and money than others.  We educate our customers on all of their options to make an informed decision.

Community   We believe it is important for each of us to give generously of our time, talents, and treasures for the betterment of our community.

Family   Family comes first.  We support and encourage one another so that we can all take care of the most precious people in our lives.

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